Professional International Trade Team

Our sourcing team maintains our supplier relationship updating with the latest trends in the business.

Our sales team distributes the goods from globe to the globe through our wide and precise distribution network.

Behind them are our specialists with fluent and professional practice of import and export including customs clearance, inspection and quarantine, freights, tax cuts, certificate of origin for Free Trade Agreement to considerably reduce the importing tariffs. 




We are Exporter and Distributor
Thanks to our diligent sourcing team, we know which manufacturer is most competitive in which product. We make comparison of the manufacturers to select the most suitable one for each and every product. We export and distribute the best products in the specific business from these selected partners worldwide. The "know-which" is our only heritage.

We Are Importer and Buyer

Wide and precise distribution network keeps an constant requirement for various products. Our sales team has accumulated great knowledge of which product to suit which customer. The "know-which" is our only heritage.


Welcome to Partner with Us

Welcome to join us and our customers to enjoy the getting of goods.

Welcome to join us and our partners to fuel our distribution network with your most competitive products.